Talent is universal. Opportunity is not.

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Why we’re here

Where you grow up shouldn’t determine your future success. Yet all too often, young people are put at a disadvantage because they lack the quality education, mentorship and opportunities that pave the road to successful STEM careers.

Accademia di Gagliato Globale (AGG) was founded on the principle that talent is universal, but opportunity is not. We seek to close that opportunity gap by supporting STEM professionals who return to their home communities as role models and ambassadors for STEM ingenuity. Our mission is to inspire young people in disadvantaged communities or who would otherwise not be exposed to STEM opportunities and success stories. AGG members (accademici) are charged with opening the door to the unlimited possibilities in STEM education and careers. 

What we do

Building on the model of NanoGagliato, AGG encourages STEM professionals to become STEM philanthropists by developing events in their home communities that connect STEM experts and innovators with local community members to:

1. Inspire and engage young people through innovative educational programs on the frontier of science and technology; 

2. Disseminate knowledge and basic competence on science and medical advances among a public of nonexperts;

3. Encourage collaborations, partnership and exchanges among scientists, business leaders, young researchers and innovators in all fields;

4. Offer a unique venue for in-depth discussions among global experts on novel solutions to unmet STEM challenges.

Who we are

AGG is an association of STEM professionals who ignite curiosity, educate, and inspire young people through innovative initiatives that combine community education and high-level expert collaboration.

AGG was founded in 2019 by Paola e Mauro Ferrari as an affiliate of L’Accademia di Gagliato delle NanoScienze, a nonprofit cultural and scientific association based in Gagliato (CZ), Italy.

Since 2009, L’Accademia di Gagliato delle NanoScienze has produced NanoGagliato, an annual invitation-only nanotechnology conference and think tank focused on translational innovations. NanoGagliato comprises five-days of events to encourage discussions and collaborations among world experts, and dissemination and awareness among the lay public, about nanotechnology and nanomedicine.



AGG welcomes STEM professionals with any academic or business affiliation. The main requirement for AGG members (accademici) is developing and implementing an innovative project that engages young people, lay people and STEM innovators, with a focus on education, innovation and community engagement.

How to join

  1. Propose a project. Write a one-page proposal outlining your project’s goals and activities, who you will engage and how you will measure impact.
  2. Tell us about you. Fill out our online application. Your application and project proposal will be reviewed by the AGG Executive Council.
  3. Make it happen. Implement your AGG project.
  4. Share the results. AGG applicants and accademici must submit report project outcomes and metrics to AGG. Email for more information.

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In keeping with AGG’s mission to ignite curiosity and provide opportunities for young people who might otherwise not be exposed to STEM, accademici will become STEM ambassadors by developing community-driven STEM events and projects in their home regions. To qualify for AGG, member projects must satisfy the following requirements:

  1. Pillars: All AGG meetings should include (1) a public forum and (2) a volunteer-driven initiative for youths.
  2. Local stakeholders: Connect with community leaders, teachers, politicians, etc., who can help engage the populace, identify community needs and goals, and facilitate logistics for events and activities.
  3. Access: Events should be free and open to the public, include hands-on component(s), and utilize volunteers.
  4. Metrics: All accademici must submit event written metrics tracking attendance and outcomes to AGG. 
    1. Attendance: Volunteers and attendees to general and youth activities. 
    2. Description of hands-on activities and experiments.
    3. Number, names, and professional affiliations of all speakers and scientists attending. Speaker/scientist biographies are encouraged but not mandatory.
    4. Total event costs and fundraising methods.
    5. Optional: Summary of media coverage.
    6. In addition, accademici are encouraged to produce and submit multimedia presentations of their projects and events to share with AGG community.
  5. Reproducibility: Just as scientific research depends on reproducibility, AGG’s mission depends on spreading successful event knowledge to be replicated and adapted in communities around the world. Each AGG event is a laboratory for STEM engagement and collaboration. Thus, accademici are encouraged to share any event resources, collateral, and feedback with AGG so that the lessons learned at each event can be shared and modified to fit the needs of AGG projects around the world. These documents will be made available to members in the AGG resource library.
  6. Funding: Events must be self-funded. AGG will not provide funding to member projects; however, accademici are welcome to use resource library and network to learn from the fundraising experiences of other AGG members.
  7. Projects must have a clear connection to AGG and its mission.


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