Marie-Claude Machon-Honoré is a retired Professor of English and Doctor in Anglophone studies. She researched “The role of the Child Poverty Action Group in British civil society” for her Masters and “The role of education in the development of women in the Anglophone Caribbean in the 21st century” for her PhD (Sorbonne University, Paris, France).
She has been the permanent representative for the International Federation of Business and Professional Women/BPW International to UNESCO since 2012 and was elected member of the NGO-UNESCO Liaison Committee in December 2016 for a two years’ mandate; she is in charge of communication and represents the Liaison Committee to the CCNGO/Education 2030 as member of the coordinating group. She was co-leader of the last international forum on climate change at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris ( December 2017) organised by the NGO Liaison Committee in partnership with UNESCO and  is currently co-leader of the next international forum on science  and  particularly dedicated  to promoting WOMEN in STEM.

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