Dr. Mira Marcus-Kalish is currently the Director of International Research Collaborations at the Tel Aviv University. Her main areas of interest are mathematical modelling, converging technologies and data mining.
Dr Kalish holds a Ph.D. in Operations Research from the Technion - Israeli Institute of Technology, where she developed one of the first computerized systems for electrocardiogram (ECG) diagnosis. She did her postdoctoral training at Harvard University, the MBCRR (Molecular Biology Computer Research and Resource) laboratory and at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. Her B.Sc. is in Statistics and Biology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
Upon her return to Israel, she joined the Tel Aviv University Business School establishing the Medical Management first program focusing on Medical Informatics.Then joined the Weizmann Institute of Science, working with Prof Ephraim Katzir, mainly on protein interactions, specificity and sensitivity. She moved with Prof Katzir back to Tel Aviv University, to the Biotechnology Department taking active part in NBIC, Converging Technologies and contributing to the recent EU-US Wtec-NBIC2 activities & publication.
She was involved in a private business enterprise and served as the scientific advisor and later as the head of the Enterprise Marketing Department of IBM Israel.
Dr. Kalish took an active part in many of the EU framework projects, such as the Nano2LifeNetwork of Excellence, being the joint research WP leader, SkinTreat, ReNaChip, EpoCan, etc. Current active EU projects are NanoAthero, GLAM, ENATRANS and HBP- the Human Brain Flagship Project leading the Medical Informatics Sub Project. Her focus is Disease Signature identification based on targeted analysis of micro and macro environmental Knowledge & Data features. The newly developed approach & analytical tools are trying to meet the challenges of big versus small data analysis, missing values handling, various data sources combined analysis, etc. towards reliable, replicable, reproducible personalized medicine.  Other area of research are rehabilitation of the discrete sensory motor, learning function, drug toxicity, machine learning systems, data mining and recently a broad band cross-disciplinary international initiative on Healthy Aging. Dr. Kalish is proud to be one of the establishers of the Dead Sea Research Institutes and the Porter University Institute for life under extreme conditions and a strong believer at the uniqueness of the Dead Sea region and its possible contribution to Life! 

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