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Il Frantoio

After three years of hurdles and delays, we are finally  about to see the completion of the FRANTOIO, future home of the Accademia di Gagliato, and of many other creative initiatives. The project was originally designed by JoAnn Fleischhauer, an artist from Houston, and executed by architect Antonio Locanto and surveyor Giovanni Sinopoli. The interior design is a product of the genius of Guido Bottazzo, a designer from Padova who has been collaborating with the Accademia for many years.  Along with them, we would like to thank Valentina Barbieri, director of the construction site, for the dedication and tireless efforts that resulted in this incredible outcome. The Frantoio building belongs to the Municipality of Gagliato which received a grant from the European Community in 2013 on a project presented with the Accademia di Gagliato.

We expect to inaugurate the Accademia’s activities in its new home in July 2017 on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of NanoGagliato!