“Thanks to NanoGagliato, our town discovered a new vocation – as town of NanoSciences – which brought new energies, hope and enthusiasm for the future.”

DOMENICO ASPRO, Vice Deputy Mayor Gagliato

"I am convinced that life is something akin to an EKG---a lot of flat line (brush our teeth, drive in rush hour, heat the house kinda stuff); a few little bumps (dinner with friends, watching your kids play soccer, publishing a nice paper); and the far too rare big spikes (great conversation, belly laughs, epiphanies).  And I am also convinced that the flat-line parts and little bumps are the result of suppression. That 'free' from distraction, from the mundane, from complications; that all---or nearly all---of life could be bursts. NanoGagliato is a place that is 'free' in this sense---where the natural beauty, special village, productive academic platform, and unique collection of people (local and from around the world) provide a setting that encourages spike after spike---a kind of wonderful four-day tachycardia."

BRAD WEINER, Chief of Spinal Surgery, The Houston Methodist Hospital

"My name is Roberto and I am 31 years old. I have been a volunteer for NanoPiccola since 2013. In regards to these 3 years, they do not just make me a veteran of this magnificient project but yet they contain much more. To be a volunteer means to believe in an ideal that goes beyond nanoscience and nanotechnologies. It means to open up and eliminate all the barriers that we build in daily life.  It means to be on the same page with the speakers, kids and start a two-way correspondence: teach and give them what you have inside. And at the same time be ready to receive and learn from them to be innocent, pure and loyal; and never lose sight of what is happening around us. NanoPiccola is a lot of things; it is sitting at the same table with world famous scientists to Nobel prize winners, kids, priests, adolescents, elderly, all together to share the beauty of friendship. NanoPiccola is confronting each other, being filled with emotions; sharing your limits and improving your strengths. NanoPiccola is a life experience that every year overwhelms me touching all spheres of my life, the personal, professional, and emotional.. Being a NanoPiccola volunteer means to live all the above, make a treasure of it and relive it every day of our daily lives."

ROBERTO MOLINARO, PhD, Post-doc researcher at Coordinator of NanoPiccola Volunteers 

"I have always had a great passion for science and, when NanoPiccola started, it was like opening the doors of a new world. NanoPiccola is an experience that everyone should try, at least once in their life. The first year I felt like a little scientist and now, five years have passed, my dream of becoming a scientist has become more alive. Thanks to NanoPiccola for giving me the opportunity to broaden my horizons."

MARYA ANTONYA, Gagliato, 17 years old, Voluntary Assistant of NanoPiccola

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