L'Accademia di Gagliato is supported by the generous work of many volunteers both from Gagliato and from out of town. They help with the welcome banquet (cooking, arranging tables and preparing location, cleaning afterward), the welcome gazebo (when the participants arrive), hospitality, and several other logistics/organizational tasks.

The Nanopiccola volunteers come from Italy and from abroad and are now a tight-knit group of friends. They stay connected through social media and meet up here and there from time to time.

They are young scientists, post doc researchers, young graduates in the sciences teaching the kids and doing experiments with them. As a volunteer, you benefit from mingling with the guests scientists, a great opportunity for networking, mentoring and career advice!

The Nanopiccola volunteers have a chief coordinator, Roberto Molinaro, PhD in Pharmacy from the University of Catanzaro, and a Post Doc Researcher at The Houston Methodist Research Institute.

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